What to Bring along

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One bag, backpack, travel case, suitcase, whatever. That’s it. Unless you’re going a trip that requires special needs and equipment, like a north pole expedition, one piece of hand luggage is often all you need. Whether it’s a weekend trip or a weeks long vacation, you can go a long way with just a few items.

The key to traveling light is realizing you probably need no more than half of everything. So how much do you really need to take with you? Well, let’s check the list:

  • Travel documentation
  • Clothes
  • Towels
  • First aid kit and medication
  • Some other items

See that list? It’s short. Really short. That’s all you need. Food? Why the hell would you bring food along? Items for hygiene? Buy it in the country of destination. Seriously. You don’t need to bring your shampoo and toothpaste and etc, etc, etc along. You can buy it at the local supermarket or pharmaceutical, or hell, even the airport if you have to. Don’t buy it at the airport though. The airport is expensive, don’t buy it there, I mean it. Now let us break down the list.

Travel documentation

Passport, tickets, additional information about embassies, hotel addresses, etc. Should take up the space in the pocket of your pants.


How many clothes do you really need to take with you? This is the one thing people pack too much of; clothes for the day, clothes for the night, fancy clothes, simple clothes, extra clothes, swimsuits. Why not bring your entire wardrobe, why don’t you? Here’s a hint: many hotels have a launderette and if they don’t, there’s usually one nearby. Forget the extra clothes. Wash worn clothes accordingly. Also: you can wear clothes for more than one day. You only need a limited amount of at most: four undies, four pair of socks, four shirts, four sweaters and three or four pants (whether these are long, short or a combination depends on your destination), one jacket. THIS INCLUDES THE CLOTHES YOU ARE ALREADY WEARING.


Three. That’s it. Three medium sized towels or two medium and one large. Hotels offer towels, use those before using your own.

First aid kit and medication

Obvious one. You don’t want to make a medicine run when you are sick. Make sure you at least bring along some aspirins and pills against diarrhea. Don’t forget to bring any other medicine you might require. Keep in mind when packing your first aid kit, it can give you problems boarding planes, because of things like scissors, if you put it in your carry on/ hand luggage.

Some other items

Read about other items here. It’s possible you have few more items to bring along. If you have mobile phones, you’ll want to bring along your chargers, you might want to bring along a camera or a few books, etc. Things like cameras and tablet are usually allowed to be brought along in their own bag, so you don’t have to stuff it in your luggage!

But I’m Traveling to/I’m going to…

Certain areas or activities require special gear or clothing. Thick, warm clothes take up much more space, as does special equipment. You want to have as much space remaining in your suitcase for the items that matter.

I have kids/special needs

All the more reason not to bring along things you don’t need. You want to have as much space remaining in your suitcase for the items that matter. Besides, most kids don’t mind running around in clothes that are somewhat dirty.

Fret not about what might happen on vacation. You want to be prepared, but you shouldn’t worry. In everyday life your probably not too worried about what could happen to your clothes on the road, either. And if something happens? So what? If your shoes get dirtied and muddied, wash em, buy some cheap flip flops to wear in the mean time. Your allowed to have some form of devil-may-care attitude. Some. I heard traveling can actually be fun if you have.