3 tips for packing your bag

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There are plenty of tips and tricks to help packing your bag, but most of them are about organizing your things. if you take the core of all these tips, it all comes down to just three tips:


Alright, let’s a little more specific about these three tips:

1. Don’t pack too many things.

I’ve said already, and I’ll continue to say it, there’s not that much you need to bring along. You can go a long way with just a few items. The less you bring along, the easier it is to pack. this the most basic, and the best tip of them all.


2. Roll, don’t fold.

This is a tip you’ve probably heard multiple times before. And for good reason. Rolled up items are easier to pack and take up less surface space. Now, not everything can be rolled up that easily, and not all items should be. Thing clothes are the best to roll up. Whether or not you should roll up things like towels depends on the type and thickness of it.


3. Bundle things together.

Alright, there are hundreds of tips that all come down to bundling tips together, or help organize them. use this, use that. The helpfulness of these tips varies. I’m not going to mention all of them. truth is, you’re probably smart enough to figure out good ways to do this yourself. Still, there are a few good ones that are worth mentioning.

– Packing cubes


These things are amazing. I’ve said in one of my articles that bags shouldn’t have too many compartments. Packing cubes are one of the reasons why. Packing cubes allow you to compartmentalize your things by yourself. A good cube has room for a lot of things. I use them to store my socks, underwear, my rolled up shirts and more. If there is one way to bundle your things together, it’s packing cubes. Use them.

– Shoes can be used as packing cubes too!

Just watch the video. if you pack extra shoes, might as well use the empty space in them to carry more items. Slippers can be used as well; take a rolled up towel, or plastic bag and use the slippers to keep it from rolling apart.

– Tying things together

You can also tie things together. Simply use a rubber band, a piece of string, etc, something along those lines to keep things tidy. They are a great way to prevent the wires of your electric chargers from becoming tangled.


Whatever you do when packing your bag, and whatever you’re bringing along, these three tips are all you really need. Now get packing and get out there. There’s a world out there meant to be explored.


[a bad flu and a broken computer prevented me from making and publishing this article for a while. My apologies for that.]