Travel. Experience. Review.

Travel. Experience. Review.

Time for a change of direction.

Welcome to the soft reboot of Esthetically, things might look the same, but its purpose has undergone some change. You might know this website as a place where I get to rant and complain about the world of travel. This will change to a degree.

When I started this website, my desire was to offer a different take on the world travel. It had to be less about all those amazing places or that bar where service is just so bad. And of course, it had to be about travel. Unfortunately, this meant I often struggled with delivering content on a regular basis, and often I just didn’t live up to the moniker of Critic. I don’t get to travel a lot. Not on my budget. I never write reviews of my travels either. You can’t properly judge a city or country with just one or two trips. It takes years to form a true and honest opinion for that. Countries, cities… don’t judge them, experience them. That said, there are plenty of other things to write reviews about.

Travel. Experience. Review.

Perhaps you already noticed it, but that’s our new slogan. Those three keywords are at the center of what is all about. It also refers to the content you can expect from now on. It’s about travel, it’s about travel experience, and there will be travel related reviews. We’ll be reviewing equipment, gear, parks, airports, airline companies, and even more.

As for actual types of content? Articles, as you are used to, but there will also be more emphasis on videos, even (BTS) vlogs. Not only that, but there will also be e-books and travel guides.

With these changes I hope to bring more life and activity into this website, while simultaneously holding it to more professional standards. That doesn’t mean you will have to miss rants and complaints. I am, after all, a professional asshole.

I’m excited about this new course we’re heading in. I hope you are too. If you are willing, and capable, please consider supporting Critic In transit. You will find there are plenty of rewards to gain if you do. But even if you don’t, please enjoy your stay.