Stop Carving Your Name on Things, You Dolt

stop carving

Congratulations jackass, you ruined a ruin. You had to take whatever primitive form of writing tool you had to let the world know what a jackass you are. You’re not an explorer, you’re not claiming lands in name of the empire. You’re a dolt visiting a tourist attraction.

Hopefully I’m preaching to the choir here, but please stop carving your name into things you shouldn’t. You know what I mean; visit some famous monument or sight, and you’ll find dozens of names carved into the stones of a hundreds of years old castle, tower, ruin, or some other historically significant building. Don’t add your name to it, no matter how many people already have.

I visited the castle ruin at Valkenburg, The Netherlands. Though it’s not really worth visiting, what could have at least been a kind of decent experience, is completely ruined by the thousands of assholes who had to carve their name, initials, or whatever, in the stones. The majority of stones had messages and/or names on them. Hell, you’d be hard pressed finding stone not ruined by them. I was planning to take a picture of it so you could see the names of the assholes responsible, but I decided they don’t deserve the attention.

If you are one of those dolts who feel the need to mess up something like the Colosseum with your name, I have news for you: nobody cares you, Dick McDickinson, were there. Nobody cares you love Jane, or Monica, or Kyle, or whomever. I hope your significant other saw you scratch your name in that wall, slapped you in the face for it, and broke up with you on the spot.

If you want to let the world know you were there, sign the fucking guest book. It’s there for a reason. Want to leave a mark on history? Don’t. The only thing people will remember about your actions, is “some asshole ruined this for others.”

Don’t be that asshole.

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