Six embarrassing photography mistakes

You won’t believe these embarrassing photography mistakes, and yet almost every travel photographer makes them!

Holy shit balls! These failures are so obvious, you can’t help but wonder how they made these embarrassing photography mistakes! With just a few simple tricks, at least you won’t get caught making theseĀ embarrassing photography mistakes! Also, how am I doing SEO wise?

Without further ado, here are six embarrassing photography mistakes, and the how you should avoid them!

The ruined vista shot

canyon selfie

How embarrassing! This could have been such a great vista photo, had that guy not ruined it by turning it into a selfie! You know what you do when you put yourself in the image? You’re blocking the view, is what you do. We know what you look like, we don’t need to see you in pictures as well. Don’t make this embarrassing photography mistake!


The ruined animal shot

lion selfie

What magnificent creature. Unfortunately the photographer ruins the picture by being in it. Worse, it’s a selfie! How embarrassing!

Leave animal alone. Animal want you dead. Take picture, move on.


The ruined landmark shot

pisa selfie

Look at this guy! Ruining the shot like that! Who the hell puts himself in a shot like that? And pretending to hold up the tower of Pisa! That’s just silly! But did you know millions of people have made this mistake? And hundreds keep making this same mistake every single day. Wow, don’t be like those people!


The food selfie

fewd selfie

Mmmh fewd. I sort of get why people take images of food, sort of. But you know what makes these pictures awful? Precisely, putting yourself in the picture. You’re probably smiling. maybe even posing with some of that food on your fork, and your mouth wide open.


The feet in the sand shot


We get it, you’re at the beach. Also, you’re feet are amongst the least interesting parts of your body (Feet fetishists be damned). A picture of the beach is prove enough you are there. We don’t need to see your feet.

Such a terrible mistake! And so easily avoided! What was the photographer thinking?! But… there’s an even more embarrassing photography mistake!


The feet in the sand selfie

feet selfie

I hate you.


Original images found via Google and National Geographic. I apologize for ruining these otherwise fine pictures.


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