Other Items To Take With You

Got your undies? Your swimming suit? There are a lot of things people take with them on vacation, usually more than they really have (as always, try to travel with just hand luggage whenever possible). Then there are the things people should take with them but simply forgot. It happens. I know of a person who once forgot to put on his shoes when heading for the airport. Luckily for him he remembered it in time and embarrassment was kept to a minimum. It happens. Then there are the things only a few people take with them, but these are things everyone should have at the ready in their bags. They could safe your life!


Always bring duct tape. It’s one of mankind’s greatest inventions, capable of solving of at least 80 percent of all problems you run into, be it at home or on your travels. So bring it with you. Bottom of your shoe comes off? You can use duct tape for that. Got a tear in your bag pack? You can use duct tape for that. On a 10 hour flight and your fellow passenger won’t shut up? You can use duct tape for that.


Problem solved



Take a piece of string or wire with you. Simply go to a DIY store and by a small coil that basically fits in your pocket. If duct tape can’t fix it, wire can tie it down. Sure, you might give off a bit of a serial killer/50 shades enthusiast vibe carrying duct tape and wire around (take zip ties with you to seal the deal), but at least you’re self-sufficient.


Alright, plenty of people take plastic bags with them, but not nearly enough. What is enough? Four, at least four. At least one for dirty clothing, one for wet clothing (not the same as dirty), one for clean clothing (yes, one for clean stuff as well) and one for your shoes. Plastic bags are multi-functional, not just for carrying stuff around. If you are like me (which is unlikely, because you are a decent human being), there might be a time when you’ll have to protect the shoes you are wearing without taking them off. Know how you can do that? By putting plastic bags around them. For extra measure, you can them tape them tight around your ankles with the duct tape you brought.


This might seem like something for the adventurous type, but having one these with you is never a bad thing. Even if you’re going to place where there might be a drop in quality of drinking water. They can filter a lot of water and if you don’t take them with you, you can always put them in your survival kit back home. Normally, if you have doubts about the quality of the drinking water, don’t drink it. But if you must, a filterpen or life straw will take care of 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria. Definitely a must have for people who go hiking, even if they take a lot of drinking water with them. Life Straws also come in a bottle variant,but if you have a plastic bag and duct tape with you, you can MacGyver your own in times of trouble and need (don’t take pocket knifes with you in your hand luggage, though). That’s a free survival tip.


you do take a first aid kit with you, right? If you do, there’s a chance there are some safety pins in there. If there aren’t, make sure there are. Like some of the previous items, they are multi-functional and always handy to have, either as a simple solution or just in case.


Because some times it rains and you feel stupid for thinking it would just be sunshine and sparkles everywhere. Make sure it’s one of them tiny umbrella that find in your hand luggage. Not one of those big ones with a sharp pointy tip at the end. Security checks at the airport don’t like those. Umbrellas can be replaced with a simple rain coat/jacket as well. A simple, light coat can be rolled up into a ball the size of an apple. So, shouldn’t take up too much space. A rain coat can also be used to replace a normal jacket. You might feel silly wearing one when it isn’t raining, but it’s a decent alternative to questioning if you should or should not take a regular jacket, that takes up more space, with you.


But I have internet on my smart phone, I can just look it up! Doesn’t matter. Look up the location of your nation’s embassy before you. Write it down on your phone, a piece of paper, whatever. And not just in your own language, but also the in the language of the country you’re visiting. As always, just in case. Be sure to make a copy of your passport, while you’re at it. Can be skipped if you’re traveling in the country you live in. Duh.

Different activities require different items. In most cases, a simple city trip means you won’t have to bring out the survival gear, but the items in this list take up almost no space at all and can be used in almost any situation. From the inconvenient to the life threatening. Heaven forbid you get lost with no other human beings in the vicinity for miles and miles. You’ll be glad you brought that filterpen.