CriticInTransit: New and Improved

Welcome to the new and improved

This place has been down a for a few weeks, but now it’s back, and hopefully, better than ever. On first sight, adjustments and improvements don’t appear to be too big and different. That’s partially true. The older site was simple and easy to use, so that’s something I didn’t want to change too much.┬áMost changes however, are designed to make things more dynamic and allow for more content delivery. With version 2.0 of Critic In Transit, I should be able to post content more often without making things cluttered. ┬áSo get ready for a more active website.

The down time was also used for me to travel around, but more on that later. There are also still some bugs, glitches, and mistakes left on the new website, but those will be fixed in time.

Also changed? My Patreon page. Now you can support me for a mere dollar a month. There have also been changes to the reward tiers. if you like what I do, please consider supporting me. With enough help, I’ll be able to make my work ad free and I’ll be able to offer more and better content.

Pardon the long down time, and enjoy the

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