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I need your support. I don’t like asking for help, but please spare me a moment of your time. You may find there to be rewards in return.

A few years back I started this website, not sure where it would go, or what I could do with it. Since then, has grown somewhat in size, and occasionally in reader numbers. Nothing spectacular. This website’s survival is based on two things; advertisements, and my own good will. The former needs to go, the latter needs to be more present.

I don’t like advertisements. Nobody but the people who make them like them. That big sidebar on the right side of this page needs to go. The ads that play when you start one of my videos need to go. If Critic In Transit is going to stay, it’s because of community support. It has to stay because you want it to.

I have a job. I make minimum wage, often I’m tired and I just can’t bring up the energy to write another article. Often I don’t write for long periods of time simply because there’s nothing for me to write about. I can’t travel often, which is actually important to do if you want to write about traveling.  You can help with these problems.

Go to and join up. For as little as 5 dollars a month, you can help keep criticintransit stay afloat. Hell, you can help me stay afloat. Now, I know what you are thinking: Why would I pay you to travel? Fair question, but that’s not how it will be. For those 5 dollars, you get several rewards in return. With this website’s shift in content, there will be a lot more content available for those supporting me. From Behind The Scenes videos and vlogs, to photo collections in their highest resolution. Read plenty of excerpts of all up and coming travel books and guides. As Critic In Transit  grows, so do the rewards.

So what are you waiting for? visit, join up and become a patron. Help Critic In Transit grow and become what it’s meant to be.

Thank you.

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