Choosing the next destination

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Summer. The summer is almost upon us (for most of us, at least), and that means a chance at vacation. Some people are still looking for a good destination, the early birds probably booked months ago. I already booked my trip. Well, I booked a trip. Just a few more weeks and I’ll be on my way to Germany for a few days. Problem is, I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it, thanks to a stupid accident/incident, I might be dealing with an infection. Great. Luckily, I can still change my flight dates. But even if everything will turn out to be fine, I’m still looking for the next flight, the next destination, the next adventure. But where to go? Where can I go? Can I afford it? Do I have the time? Picking the right vacation can be tricky, indeed.

The “I don’t know where to go” problem.

Perhaps the hardest problem one has to face when picking a destination. Interested in a city trip? Looking for a place far from civilization? If you’re mind’s willing, anything can be fun, but if everything’s fun, it makes you indecisive.

The solution

  • Throw a dart: the solution firmly planted on many bucket lists. Throw a dart at a map and let destiny (and your aim) decide your next vacation.
  • Roll the dice: more selective, but more random than throwing a dart (depending on your aim). Make a list of places you want to visit, number them, then roll some dice a couple of times and let them determine your outcome (unless you use weighted dice).
  • The new experience: go for whatever makes the newest experience.
  • The cheapskate solution: pick whatever is cheapest.
  • Your fate in someone else’s hands: let someone else pick your vacation, or just ask for advice.
Does it count if you aim?


The “I’m broke” problem.

It happens. Your employers are terrible people and don’t pay you enough than you truly deserve. Or a dog ate all your money (it happens). Some times you don’t have a large budget for a vacation. Your favorite destinations are not affordable. So where to go?

The solution

  • The cheapskate solution: pick whatever is cheapest
  • Nope, not this time: Don’t go on vacation and save your money.
  • The government way: Decrease all your budgets. Cheap(er) hotels. Eat the cheapest food. Couch surfing, etc. Anything and everything to make the more expensive options affordable.
Got a penny?
Got a penny?


The “I don’t know what I like” problem.

You want to travel, but how do you know you’ll have a good time? Should you really waste money on something you might not like?

The solution

  • Your fate in someone else’s hands: let someone else pick your vacation, or just ask for advice.
  • Stick with what you know: go to where ever you have been before, assuming it’s a place where you’ve had fun. There could be more left to explore.
  • Stick with what you know, part 2: go to a place similar to the places you have been before and enjoyed.
  • Just go: just pick a place and go, bad experiences be damned. You could learn a thing or two. Some times you run out of luck and you’ll end up hating your vacation. That sort of thing is simply part of the traveling experience. Look on the bright side; that’s one less you have to worry about going to when choosing the next destination.


The “I have kids” problem.

Kids, I think they can be fun to have. (or so I’ve heard, but my parents disagree, I think.). Kids can make traveling more difficult, however. So where to go?

The solution

  • Nope, not this time: don’t go on vacation and save your money, wait till the kids are older.
  • The family solution: go somewhere that’s considered to be kid friendly.
  • Go on an adventure: kids love adventure, go some place where they can explore, run wild, go crazy.
  • Stay close at home: don’t go to some far away location, but pick something closer to home.

Whenever you plan a vacation, be sure to stay open minded, do plenty of research and wonder what sort of experience you’re after. Usually, when doing research, you’ll find one or two places/countries drawing the most of your attention. Oilá, you’ve found your destination. So go for it.