Change Is Coming

change featured

As one might have noticed, there was no new gallery in July. If you were looking forward to it, my apologies. There are various reasons why last month didn’t have a new set of images, the first being me kind of busy. The second reason is me being kind of lazy. The third reason however, is because I intend to make numerous adjustments to the website and the way content is delivered.

The idea is to post fewer pieces of large content, but with more small ones in between.

Next time there’s going to be a new gallery, it will be larger, it will have more images, but it won’t be on a monthly basis. Instead, I might only post one such thing every few months. To compensate, I’ll try to post two or three images every week or so.

The biggest changes I intend to make are to the website itself. What can I say? I like to redecorate often. Content per area has be easier to find, for starters.

Soon, I’ll finally have some vacation time. I still have to check my budget to see where I can go, and for how long. If I’m going somewhere, regardless of where I’m going, it should make for plenty of new content. Not just in terms of articles, and photos, but also videos, itineraries, and more.

As for the changes, I’m not sure when that’ll be, probably by the end of the month, maybe not till somewhere later in September. Meanwhile, here are a few images to make up for last month’s lack of a gallery.