Choosing the right luggage

You’ve chosen a destination, you’ve booked your flight, and you know what to bring along. The question now, is how are you going to take all those things with you? Take a suitcase? Go for a simple backpack? A trolley case, perhaps? So many ways to transport your stuff, but which one’s the best? What

What to Bring along

One bag, backpack, travel case, suitcase, whatever. That’s it. Unless you’re going a trip that requires special needs and equipment, like a north pole expedition, one piece of hand luggage is often all you need. Whether it’s a weekend trip or a weeks long vacation, you can go a long way with just a few

Pack Your Bag!

Finally, the Pack Your Bag weeks have begun! Yes, traveling can be fun, but also a hassle, especially when it comes to deciding what to take with you, and how you are going to take it with you. So, in the upcoming weeks, I’ll be posting articles and videos, dedicated to help you choose what

Other items to take with you

Got your undies? Your swimming suit? There are a lot of things people take with them on vacation, usually more than they really have (as always, try to travel with just hand luggage whenever possible). Then there are the things people should take with them but simply forgot. It happens. I know of a person