Travel. Experience. Review.

Travel. Experience. Review.

Time for a change of direction. Welcome to the soft reboot of Esthetically, things might look the same, but its purpose has undergone some change. You might know this website as a place where I get to rant and complain about the world of travel. This will change to a degree. When I started

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I need your support. I don’t like asking for help, but please spare me a moment of your time. You may find there to be rewards in return. A few years back I started this website, not sure where it would go, or what I could do with it. Since then, has grown somewhat

CriticInTransit: New and Improved

Welcome to the new and improved This place has been down a for a few weeks, but now it’s back, and hopefully, better than ever. On first sight, adjustments and improvements don’t appear to be too big and different. That’s partially true. The older site was simple and easy to use, so that’s something

Change is coming

As one might have noticed, there was no new gallery in July. If you were looking forward to it, my apologies. There are various reasons why last month didn’t have a new set of images, the first being me kind of busy. The second reason is me being kind of lazy. The third reason however,

Disneyland Paris in a day

Here’s another guest post from regular guest blogger John. This also the first real itinerary on More should follow soon enough. Images via You donā€™t need to stay multiple days to enjoy Disneyland in Paris. While the park is filled with lots of attractions, if you plan ahead, you can see all there

Six embarrassing photography mistakes

You won’t believe these embarrassing photography mistakes, and yet almost every travel photographer makes them! Holy shit balls! These failures are so obvious, you can’t help but wonder how they made these embarrassing photography mistakes! With just a few simple tricks, at least you won’t get caught making theseĀ embarrassing photography mistakes! Also, how am I