Some journeys are overrated. Some destinations, under appreciated. Take a look at the world with a critical eye, and you might figure which is which. Who I am? I’m the critic in transit; travel enthusiast and critic. I travel around, I look around, and I write it all down. Hopefully, without getting lost.


On this website I write about my travel experiences; I share photos, videos, my thoughts, and opinions. I try to separate the good from the bad, the weird from from the even weirder. Other times, I ask the big questions, like window seat or aisle seat or what country has the best toilets? If it’s travel related, I write about it, all while unleashing a barrage of terrible jokes upon it.


When are new articles or updates posted?
Honestly? It depends on how much is going on and how busy I am.

Is there a way to contact you?
Yes, check out the contact page.

I’ve written an article! Can I post it on this website? can I be a guest writer?
I intend to have guest writers on occasion, more info about that will be posted later.

I really like what you do. Is there a way to support Critic in Transit? Financially or otherwise?
Yes there is!  For as little as 3 dollars a month, you can support via Patreon. Such support will not go unrewarded of course. With your financial support on Patreon, you’ll help me provide you with more, and better, content.


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