6 Places to Visit in Mexico City If You’re Travelling on a Budget


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If you are an avid traveler then am sure you’re looking at Mexico as your next possible travel destination and that’s just awesome! Mexico is a fantastic place to visit. It has a number of ideal attractions that would keep your busy all through your trip. If you every travelled to Mexico City on a budget, here are some top six places you could visit and still enjoy your stay.



Zocalo is one of the largest public plazas in the world. Its official called Plaza de la Constitucion. It measures 830 by 500 feet and is located at the historic center of Mexico City. Trust me Zocalo is the heart of everything that goes around in Mexico City including festival and cultural feasts. If you want to start your exploration in Mexico while on a budget, start with Zocalo. In fact with a car of your own, finding it become easy. But it is advisable that you get Mexican auto Insurance when you drive to the Mexican Capital City.

Metropolitan Cathedral

Metropolitan CathedralAt the Northern side of the Zocalo sits an enormous cathedral that’s estimated to have been built over 250 years ago – the Metropolitan Cathedral. The locals refer to it as Catedral Metropolitana. It is beautiful church with a huge Mexican flag sitting pretty on its courtyard. Within the church are catch saints and relics. This is one place with a unique history that you don’t wanna miss.

Museo del Templo Mayor

The original inhabitants of Mexico were called the Aztecs. The Aztecs believed that the center of the universe was at Templo Mayor. Because of this they built a great temple-Templo Mayor and dedicated it to Coyolxauqui the moon goddess, Tlaloc the god of rain, and Huitzilopochtli god of war. However this temple sank into the ground many years ago. Travel.usnews.com reports that it was until in 1978 when workers stumbled on the moon goddess sculpture while digging this area and triggered subsequent excavations that the rich history of the temple was unearthed.

Palocio de Bella Artes

Palocio de Bella ArtesThis is the Mexican City’s grand Theater of Fine Arts. Tripadvisor.com describes it as historic white marble building that serves as the city’s top performance hall and art museum. Its main purpose was to commemorate Mexican independence anniversary of 1910. However the building lasted until 1934 before completion. It features the best murals by the greatest names including Jose Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro, and Diego Rivera.

National Museum Of Anthropology

This is one of the world’s most comprehensive natural museums National Museum of Anthropology is located in Chapultepec Park. It has the best and most impressive Mesoamerican artifacts in the world over. It houses four square kilometers of exhibits and has a hall dedicated to every one of the cultural regions of Mesoamerica. In total the museum comes with 23 halls.

Chapultepec Castle

Chapultepec Castle was built in the 18th century. It housed the Mexican President until 1939 and was later transformed into the National Historical Museum. Chapultepec Castle is known world over for its breathtaking gardens, artifacts, and murals.

Chapultepec Castle

If you want to have an easy movement around Mexico City, simple come around with your car and get Mexican auto Insurance for your use.

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